News Post Three

Sundog, also called parhelion, means beside the sun.  It’s a phenomenon that creates bright spots of light or halos beside the sun moon 2222

which can be seen anywhere in the world in the right conditions.  Sundog Media is a team of bright people who design brilliant websites that can also be seen anywhere in the world, providing one has an internet connection.  Parhelion are often observed in Alaska, where the atmosphere makes it possible to see the sundogs in the sky.  That is only one of the reasons Alaska is such a great place to live.  

With over five hundred eighty six thousand four hundred twelve square miles, Alaska is home to seventeen of the twenty tallest mountains in the United States.  Where else could you find a moose on your roof in the winter?  Some cities here average more than three hundred twenty six inches of snow every year.  And while Anchorage averages just seventy-two inches of snow annually, it’s home to a mountain of more than twenty languages refined by over one hundred dialects spoken every day by members of its community.  That’s crazy!  Sundog Media programmers speak many languages, too, and most of them are written to make your website more amazing and efficient.  And, where only twenty percent of Alaska is accessible by road, one hundred percent of Sundog Media is accessible through Base Camp whenever you need us. 

Perhaps it is only natural that Sundog Media is based in Anchorage, Alaska, where bright spots near the sun are observed and celebrated, where the people are adventurous and friendly, and where the maps once only noted the unknown landscape as HC SVNT DRACONES, “Here be dragons”.